Mastering Metadata Essentials–Strategies for Creating, Packaging and Distributing Book Metadata That

2015/01/21     來源:dbw閱讀原文

In online bookselling, good metadata forms the basis for reader discovery, evaluation, selection and purchasing, thereby driving business for publishers, authors and booksellers alike. But using metadata to create an effective online shopping experience for consumers is no small challenge–and it’s becoming an even more critical one.
Join Renée Register, author of the forthcoming second edition of The Metadata Handbook: A Publisher’s Guide to Creating and Distributing Metadata for Print and Ebooks and an experienced Digital Book World University instructor, to learn how to implement metadata elements that drive discovery and book sales. This webcast will offer strategies to ensure that direct searches work, enable users to browse titles by a wide range of popular criteria and power algorithms to suggest the right books to readers. Renée will also discuss how to use metadata to better support efficient online business transactions and robust business intelligence....more