Libraries evolve into cultural complexes

2015/01/30     來源:inside KOREA閱讀原文

There are a number of children playing in the indoor playground. There is also a breastfeeding room. Visitors can access free WiFi anywhere in the building for their information technology (IT) gadgets. There are free lectures on the humanities and on practical technologies, and movie screenings, too, at no cost. All of these are occurring at one single place.
Libraries are evolving into cultural centers. Only a few decades ago, libraries were literally places where people read physical books and studied for exams. There were also large gaps in the level of libraries between cities and rural areas, and between Seoul and other regions. There were stories of people walking a few kilometers just to borrow a book. However, industrialization and rapid economic development in the 1980s, and the development of information communications technologies (ICT), quickly reduced the gap in accessibility to information between cities and rural areas....more