US Libraries Begin Offering Free 3D Printing to Public Amidst Learning Curves and Legal Questions

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2015/01/28     來源:3D print閱讀原文

What if all it took to gain access to the technology of 3D printing was your plastic library card?  Considering it’s been hard to even find a book about 3D printing at the library, and the supply of new tomes on the shelves seems to be dwindling, I’ve been worried the library itself may be turning into an antiquated institution, squeezed out of existence by electronic, paperless options.
It’s exciting to hear that with a number of 3D printing programs on the horizon libraries will be enticing budding geniuses and technogeeks back into those big buildings filled with books. While it’s a game changer for sure, allowing innovators of all ages to have access to what they need, a host of concerns and questions follow in offering technology that has the potential to break so many barriers....more