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When you think of Web 2.0 (a term I know you know I dislike), what do you think of? Rounded corners? The read/write web? Social media? Collaboration? The wisdom of crowds? How about open APIs? Maybe that last one doesn’t come to mind for most people who aren’t web developers, but open APIs are critical to so many of the “2.0″ web services we rely on. For those who don’t know what an API is, it is short for Application Programming Interface, and it is what allows developers to pull content or data from one web service into another. One application will make a call to the other through the API to pull in updated data/content regularly. It is the technology behind many incredible mashups out there (I’m particularly in love with those that layer data on top of Google Maps) and is how so many of our web services connect to one another. Use the wonderfully clever IFTTT (if this then that)? Won’t work without APIs. You don’t have to be a programmer to recognize the value of all that....more