Competition in the Digital Library Content Market

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2015/02/02     來源:GoodEReader閱讀原文

Just as publishers and book retailers compete for reading consumers’ time and funds, so too do digital content providers compete for the all-important library market. Companies like OverDrive and 3M Library System work to offer the largest catalogs of content, the most seamless patron experiences, and the most support in terms of technology and taking some of the circulation tasks off the backs of the already stretched-thin library staff.
OverDrive, whose ebook borrowing app continues to be the top-rated large-scale lending app by iOS and Android users, has enjoyed a fairly solid run as not only a content provider to academic and public libraries, but also in other ways. The company has pioneered ebook lending innovation, worked to bridge the gap between the libraries and the publishers, and introduced higher-than-ever numbers of not only ebooks, but digital audiobooks, foreign language titles, and more....more