Designing the one-stop medical library

2015/02/06     來源:Wiley Exchanges閱讀原文

Ovidio Padilla knows the true value of virtual learning and research. Since joining Honduras National Medical Library in 2004, he has used every opportunity to expose scientists and researchers to the benefits of Research4Life. The Medical Library has also assumed the role of HINARI program trainer in Honduras in recognition of the excellent information resources available to the health sector. Ovidio develops training as a daily service to anyone in the institution.
“I very much enjoy my responsibilities, which focus on developing search techniques to provide alternatives to traditional offline research,” explains Ovidio, “For a few years now, we have used the Moodle platform for building Virtual Classroom Training at our institution, providing security controlled Virtual Campus access to mobile devices for students and teachers as they continue in their university careers.”...more