Five Publishing Predictions for 2015: #5 eBook subscription grows up

2014/01/09     來源:Publishing Technology閱讀原文

A lot can change in twelve months. This time last year when discussing the long-term prospects of ebook subscription services and it seemed legitimate to question them on the basis of actual users and publisher support. But, the buzz about subscription services was enough that Amazon launched its own subscription service, Kindle Unlimited. It joined a range of ‘Netflix for books’ services that includes Oyster, Scribd, 24Symbols, Mofibo and many more.
What all of these subscription platforms have in common is a certain degree of evasion when it comes to revealing how many paying subscribers they actually have. The way Amazon pays self-published authors who enroll their books in Kindle Unlimited suggests the platform drives millions of downloads a month, but competing services remain tight-lipped....more