Overdrive Starts Marketing Digital Magazines and Newspapers to Libraries

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2015/02/10     來源:GoodEReader閱讀原文

Overdrive is getting into the digital magazine and newspaper business, which was the last major vertices that now makes them an all in one solution. The company has announced that conjunction with Barnes and Noble there is now more than 1,000 issues available for libraries in the US and UK to incorporate into their collections.
The collection includes the best coverage of the top 200 circulating U.S. magazines such as Glamour, Better Homes and Gardens, The New Yorker, Reader’s Digest, WIRED, Bon Appetit and more!
Libraries until this point have been having to deal with 3rd party companies such as Pressreader and Zinio if they wanted  magazines and newspapers. This means the patron has to install more apps if they want to  borrow this type of content, sometimes two or three, depending on the branch....more