SCL Working to create unified digital platform for all libraries

2015/02/06     來源:SCL閱讀原文

Unified Digital Platform for All Libraries in England
The Society of Chief Librarians is working to create a unified digital platform for public library resources aimed at increasing use of libraries by existing and potential customers
The Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) has begun work to envision a unified digital platform for all public libraries in England. This new digital platform for public libraries will improve how library customers can access, understand, and use the information and resources that libraries provide, including book catalogues, digital resources, IT training, events calendars, and library locations and opening hours. This web platform will help bring new users into public libraries, both virtually and physically, and enrich the library experience for existing customers.
As a result of a public tender for the work, SCL appointed BiblioCommons, a Canadian company that works to transform how libraries serve communities online. The initial phase of the project, which is funded by a £30,000 grant from Arts Council England, will research consumer and library sector needs and create a vision and roadmap for the unified digital platform. Work on stage 1 is expected to complete at the end of March 2015.
This project comes at a crucial time for public libraries as they work to keep up with the digital demands of today’s consumer and to address the challenges highlighted in the recent Independent Report on Public Libraries, chaired by William Sieghart. In drawing all public library information and resources under one platform, SCL will expand customers’ access to the Universal Offers for Public Libraries, which connect people with valuable skills and information in five key areas crucial to well-being: Health, Reading, Digital, Learning and Information....more