Library of Congress to Award $1.5 Million Kluge Prize in 2015

2015/02/19     來源:Library of Congress Blog閱讀原文

The John W. Kluge Prize for Achievement in the Study of Humanity and its accompanying $1.5 million – endowed by the late Library of Congress benefactor John W. Kluge – will be awarded to a scholar or scholars whose outstanding work has had a profound effect on the study of humanity. The prize recognizes individuals whose scholarly accomplishments fall outside the disciplines covered by the Nobel Prizes, including history, philosophy, sociology and politics. The winner or winners – who will be vetted through an international selection process – will be announced in summer 2015 and will represent scholarship of the highest quality and greatest impact. The Librarian of Congress James H. Billington will make the final selection.
Nominations for this year’s recipient have been solicited from more than 3,000 individuals around the world, including leaders in colleges, universities, the political arena, the diplomatic corps and Foreign Service, the media and research institutions, as well as from independent scholars, writers and from Library of Congress specialists. Nominations will be rigorously evaluated by several panels of experts over the coming months, and final recommendations delivered to the Librarian of Congress this summer. The recipient is expected to be named in July...more