Digital Futures and Big Data: Sociology Vodcast

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2015/03/17     來源:SAGE Connection閱讀原文

Last week saw the publication of a video discussing two key papers published in Sociology: Big Data: Methodological Challenges and Approaches for Sociological Analysis by Ramine Tinati, Susan Halford, Leslie Carr, and Catherine Pope and Digital Futures? Sociological Challenges and Opportunities in the Emergent Semantic Web by Susan Halford, Catherine Pope, and Mark Weal.
As part of our podcast series in conversation with Sociology authors, Sociology has worked with Southampton University, the BSA and SAGE to produce this video. The featured authors discuss key sociological issues that have emerged in an age of mass data, where data is produced continually. This vast amount of data poses many questions for sociologists: what to do with it, how best to engage with it, and how to communicate it in an understandable way. On one level it is really exciting for sociologists, but on another it poses many challenges; the epistemological and ontological issues that exist in the wake of a semantic web are profound. These two papers presented in this video are just the beginning of an enormous research agenda to be built on this collaboration.... more