USTR’s Special 301 Report Highlights Key IP Issues but Misses Importance of Copyright Concerns in C

2015/05/05     來源:Association of American Publishers 閱讀原文

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) applauds the release of the US Trade Representative (USTR) 2015 Special 301 Report, identifying many key copyright concerns and market-access barriers in U.S. trading partners.
However, AAP is disappointed that the 2015 Report again fails to identify as a priority the harm caused to publishers and authors by Canada’s undefined “education” as fair dealing exception. The detrimental effects of the overly-broad “education” exception are already being demonstrated by the dramatic drop in previously reliable licensing revenue for publishers and authors and the decision by some publishing houses that they can no longer afford to operate in the Canadian market. Active engagement by the U.S. and Canada to remedy the damage should not be put off any longer. Both U.S. and Canadian educational publishers, and the consumers they serve, will be the inevitable victims of a further decline in the educational publishing sector in Canada....more