NewsChannel Original: Text Mining—Partnering to Open New Doors to Big Data Research

2015/05/06     來源:Against The Grain閱讀原文

Text mining—the automated process of extracting information from some type of textual materials, through using specialized software to analyze and find patterns within some structured digital text files—has arisen with both the rise of high-speed computer processing capabilities using sophisticated computer programs and the ever increasing stores of information on virtually every possible topic. Whether analyzing ancient texts or working through some of the nearly two million research reports and articles created each year, text mining is allowing for not only speedy information retrieval but also completely new types of analysis and study that have never been possible before. As JISC’s Torsten Reimer noted in 2012: “For the last ten years alone, the UK PubMed Central database lists 3,112,308 citations with the word ‘cancer’ in the title—browsing them at the leisurely pace of 85 per day will take you about ten years. And by that time, ten years’ worth of new article on cancer will have appeared.”...more