VPL unveils new Inspiration Lab for digital media production

2015/05/08     來源:Vancitybuzz閱讀原文

The Vancouver Public Library has officially opened the brand-new Inspiration Lab, a digital media production space aimed at telling stores and building creativity.
It is the newest creative destination in Vancouver open to the public and is completely free to use. In the 7,500 sq. ft. space there is the Terry McBride Recording Studio for audio and film recording, three sound recording booths and a large editing suite with a few dozen computer stations designed for media creation and editing and digitization.
“It’s all free to use – for the first time giving Vancouver access to technology, a place to use it, and training workshops from VPL staff and partners from the city’s technology and creative communities.
If someone wanted to digitize home videos from the early ’90s, the Inspiration Lab can do that. If a school group needed to record a song, there is space for them. If a senior wanted to learn new technologies available to them, the lab can make that happen....more