2015/05/29     來源:NISO閱讀原文

With the sheer number of electronic resources that the libraries are now subscribe to, acquiring accurate and timely usage statistics is crucial in providing data for collection management assessment and decision making process. NISO developed the SUSHI protocol that allow publishers to standardize their usage statistics into a common format as well as the delivery of that information. This protocol is designed to simplify and automate the harvesting of COUNTER usage reports from various electronic resources providers. 
This is a guided, step-by-step session that follows the April 29 NISO Virtual Conference, Expanding the Assessment Toolbox: Blending the Old and New Assessment Practices. The presenter will teach you the practical implementation of harvesting your COUNTER reports using the SUSHI protocol. You will learn what it takes to ensure you will get the benefit of this system for your institution. 
The 90-minute training session will cover:
1.Quick overview of SUSHI and COUNTER
2.What do you need to harvest a report using SUSHI
3.What information do I need to harvest a report?
4.Where do I get the information?
5.What other steps might be needed to successfully harvest usage?
6.The results of the harvest is an XML file – now what?
7.Data analysis and interpretation.