50,000 researchers signed up to Kudos

2015/06/26     來源:KUDOS閱讀原文

Kudos (www.growkudos.com), which helps maximize the reach and impact of research publications, has announced that 50,000 researchers have now signed up to use its service. They represent a broad range of subject areas; an early bias towards STEM subjects (reflecting the strengths of Kudos’ original publisher partners) is gradually balancing out as the company’s publisher and institutional services gain more traction – over 40 publishers and 10 institutions are now working with Kudos.
The Kudos vision of a world where research has greater impact and researchers benefit from greater recognition clearly resonates widely, with a global user base. Approximately 83% of Kudos users have indicated the country in which they predominantly work; of these, 44% are in Europe, 26% are in Asia, 19% are in North America, 5% are in Australia, 3% are in Africa and 3% are in South America.
Finally, Kudos is attracting interest at all levels of academia. Approximately 82% of Kudos users have indicated their career level; of these, 87% are in academic roles with (for example) 34% indicating that they are professors, 18% faculty members, 8% lecturers and 7% post-docs....more