2015/07/14     來源:Emerald group publishing閱讀原文

Emerald extends partnership with Kudos after authors benefit from record pilot
After a successful trial period in 2014, Emerald Group Publishing, global publisher linking research and practice, has extended its partnership with Kudos - an online platform that helps increase the impact of published articles - to roll out the value-add service for Emerald authors. Results of the 2014 trial were very encouraging with Emerald authors showing the highest level of activity across the Kudos trial, illustrating the interest of Emerald authors in broadening the reach and impact of their research.
Academics are increasingly under pressure to illustrate the value of their work to wider society and to extend their impact and visibility; the Kudos platform provides a valuable set of resources towards achieving this goal. One indication of the value of the pilot to Emerald authors was that usage of full-text articles for those authors trebled when using the Kudos tools, compared to articles whose authors did not use the service.   
Tony Roche, Emerald’s Publishing Director, comments: “Partnering with Kudos offers Emerald authors further support in extending the impact of their research. Social media is now firmly embedded as a scholarly communication tool. The Kudos service provides authors with an opportunity to share insights globally and reach wider audiences, across subject communities and a variety of stakeholders. Aligning closely with Emerald’s vision to better link research and practice, our continued collaboration with Kudos affirms the company’s commitment to supporting authors in achieving their goals. ...more