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OverDrive Working on PDF Conversion, Faster Cloud-based Platform
OverDrive logoOverDrive is working on a project that could ultimately enable the company to convert PDFs and other file formats into the industry-standard EPUB format for ebooks, without significant loss of formatting and functionality, CEO Steve Potash said during his “Crystal Ball” presentation, which concluded the company’s biennial Digipalooza user group conference in Cleveland, OH earlier this month.
“We want to unlock all of the old PDF [files]…. PDF books, PDF textbooks, PDF handbooks, travel guides—books that we’ve collected, millions of them—that were never optimized for mobile use,” he said. Potash later added that “if we could translate these at little or no cost, and all of the sudden make them fully distributable, optimized just like the beautiful [fixed layout EPUB 3] titles you get from our key suppliers, I think this is going to be huge.”...more