SAGE Business Stats:SAGE發表供商學領域學生與研究人員使用的統計資料庫

2015/09/08     來源:SAGE閱讀原文

CA- SAGE is proud to release a collection of more than 4,000 statistical data series for students and researchers working on business plan projects and market research assignments. Titled SAGE Business Stats, it offers historic, current, and projected demographic and industry data points down to the zip-code level. SAGE Business Stats is the second in SAGE’s suite of resources that support business curricula and research and the third collection of data on the SAGE Stats platform.
“SAGE is committed to addressing the needs of today’s students and to supporting the development of a set of skills that encourage practical, real-world problem solving. SAGE Business Stats puts carefully vetted, harmonized, hard-to-find, and otherwise inaccessible data into the hands of students and researchers through an easy-to-use, interactive database,” commented Todd Baldwin, Executive Director of Online Library and Reference Publishing at SAGE. “We are delighted to extend our support of business librarians and researchers with SAGE Business Stats.”
The majority of the data series in Business Stats are created from proprietary sources of data, such as Woods & Poole, which includes projections through the year 2040.
Organized by geography and time, the data in this resource covers the following topics:
  • Detailed Age and Race Breakdowns
  • Earnings and Employment by Industry
  • Executive Pay
  • New and Closed Businesses
  • Patent and Trademarks
  • Private Investment
  • Personal Income and Households by Income Bracket
  • Retail Sales and Company Revenue by Industry