2015/09/28     來源:NLM閱讀原文

AIDSource: A Redesigned, Mobile-Optimized HIV/AIDS Information Web Site from the National Library of Medicine
The National Library of Medicine’s Web portal for HIV/AIDS information has been redesigned and given a new name. The new Web site, AIDSource, offers access to a comprehensive collection of HIV/AIDS-related information resources that are reviewed and selected by expert information specialists and librarians.
Visitors to AIDSource will now be able to view the Web site content on their mobile device. The Web site is now automatically optimized for display across all device types, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. The new design of the Web site was constructed by user feedback received through a Web site survey in 2014. In addition to responsive design, the new AIDSource design also includes the following new features:
*Addition of a slider feature that highlights resources of interest
*Addition of images for topics
*Improvements in Web site navigation, including a menu on all pages of the Web site that provides access to all topic areas