2015/10/20     來源:ALA閱讀原文

New research highlights libraries's expanded roles
From health insurance seekers to students, libraries leverage expertise, digital services
A majority of our nation’s nearly 17,000 public libraries provide programs to help identify health insurance resources and also training to increase familiarity with new technologies, according to a new study from the American Library Association (ALA). This year’s Digital Inclusion Survey caps two decades of research on public libraries and the internet and the expanded roles libraries are playing in their communities.
“Today libraries are less about what we have than what we can do with and for our patrons,” ALA President Sari Feldman said. “The need for help navigating new health insurance resources in the wake of the Affordable Care Act is one very good example of this—as is the steady growth in Wi-Fi and mobile library resources. As community demands shift, libraries are transforming.”...more