2015/12/02     來源:Altmetric閱讀原文

Easily get the Altmetric attention data for your research outputs using your ORCID iD
Adding ORCID support to the Altmetric Explorer and Altmetric for Institutions has been the #1 feature request that we’ve received in the last year. As such, we’re very happy announce today that we have added a brand new ORCID filter to the Explorer family of apps (which includes the original Altmetric Explorer for publishers, the free Explorer for librarians, and Altmetric for Institutions).
As an Explorer user, you are now able to enter a single ORCID at a time to search for Altmetric attention data for all the research outputs associated with that ORCID profile. Any of the research outputs that have mentions will then be displayed in the results. Of course, you can also save workspaces for later viewing and analysis, export CSV spreadsheets containing all the metrics, and set up e-mail alerts about mentioned outputs associated with an ORCID profile....more