Ex Libris 宣布Primo引文追蹤新功能 提供更多探索體驗

2016/05/04     來源:ProQuest閱讀原文

Ex Libris®, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce the new Primo® citation trail capability, which is part of the May 2016 release of the Ex Libris Primo discovery and delivery solution. Leveraging Primo Central’s vast quantity of data, which goes far beyond the data available in individual databases, the citation trail feature offers users new ways to explore material that pertains to their research.

The Primo citation trail enables users to start from an article of interest and easily find other materials that cite that article or are cited by it. In this way, researchers and students can discover materials that are relevant to the topic at hand but that may not have come up in a result list. Users can navigate effortlessly from one citation to the next without being bound to a single area of scholarship....more