HighWire 發表文獻分析工具

2016/08/02     來源:HighWire閱讀原文

Building on the success of Impact Vizor and extensive feedback from the publishing community, HighWire Press today launches Usage Vizor, a new visual analytics and reporting tool for publishers.

Designed to provide publishers with insights into how research is being used at both the article- and category-level, Usage Vizor provides a variety of interactive viewers and reports to inform editorial strategy – including the ability to discover the most-used articles by topic, journal or portfolio over time, correlate saves and bookmarks with usage, discover top article usage at the institutional level, understand individual institutions’ usage levels, evaluate turnaway usage, calculate and compare cost/use at the institutional level, and identify how content around specific topics has changed over time. Publishers can set alerts to receive email notifications triggered when particular conditions are met. This can help publishers proactively plan promotion of articles that are in-demand, or research significant changes in institutional usage levels or patterns....more