APA Videos®將透過 Alexander Street 平台提供串流影音服務

2016/12/06     來源:APA閱讀原文

The American Psychological Association has made hundreds of its training and educational DVDs available for streaming to computers, laptops and mobile devices. Almost all DVD content published under the APA Videos imprint is now available for streaming to libraries, educators, students and clinicians.

More than 240 of APA’s DVD titles may now be streamed. Additional titles will be added within a month of their release on DVD. The initial release includes the popular APA Psychotherapy Video Series, which presents distinguished psychologists demonstrating specific approaches to a wide range of patient problems. Designed for clinical training and continuing education, these videos were created to provide psychology students and practitioners with expert introductions to various therapeutic approaches and hands-on knowledge for how to treat particular patient issues. Also included are videos in the Psychotherapy Supervision Video Series, the Psychological Assessment Video Series, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques and Strategies Series and more....more