NLM和Welcome合作推出跨越三世紀的重要醫學期刊回溯全文檔 供大眾免費使用


2019/02/14     來源:NLM閱讀原文

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) and Wellcome have completed their partnership to make thousands of full back issues of historically-significant biomedical journals freely available through the National Institutes of Health life sciences repository PubMed Central (PMC), and through its European counterpart, Europe PMC.

The NLM and Wellcome are pleased to report that over two dozen additional titles are now freely available, spanning three centuries and encompassing hundreds of thousands of pages. In total, the collaboration has grown PMC by over 650,000 pages and tens of thousands of individual articles.

These newly-available titles are free to read, download, text mine, and re-use via the PMC Text Mining Collections, which includes the PMC Open Access Subset and the Historical OCR Collection. License terms vary by title; see PMC Back Issue Digitization for more details.....more