The Charleston Seminar: Being Earnest With Our Collections

2014/11/11     來源:Against the grain閱讀原文

Michael Levine-Clark, Associate Dean for Scholarly Communications and Collections Services, University of Denver, and Rebecca Seger, Director, Institutional Sales, Oxford University Press USA, reviewed key challenges and future possibilities for e-books.  They identified five key challenges:
  • Developing sustainable, flexible and predictable models in an era of budget crises in libraries, unpredictable revenue for publishers, short term loans, and multiple models.
  • Preservation of content, long-term access, and the choice of a hosting platform.
  • Sharing of resources. Libraries want interlibrary loan rights for e-books, which is a core value in the print world.
  • Course adoption. Many textbooks are now available as e-books, but libraries do not normally buy textbooks for their collections, which impacts their sales.
  • Future of the monograph.  New publishing models are causing challenges.  The book rental market is changing the economics of textbook publishing.  Print still matters within the context of e-books.