The Azriel Morag Award for Innovation


The Azriel Morag Award for Innovation

The founder and first CEO of Ex Libris, Azriel Morag, passed away in October 2013. As a tribute to his immense contribution to Ex Libris and the academic library world, Ex Libris has established an annual award for innovation in his name. Azriel believed in innovation, daring, and the power of individuals to make a difference. This award has been created to carry on his legacy.
The Azriel Morag Award for Innovation is presented annually to a librarian who has shown innovation and initiative in a library-related area, such as technology or an aspect of an Ex Libris product. The award carries a prize of US $3,000 in cash, or its equivalent in the form of a reimbursement for travel costs or conference fees (for those who are unable to accept the award in cash). Ex Libris will announce the winner at the annual IGeLU conference and will showcase the recipient’s achievements, bringing public recognition to the recipient and his or her institution.

Eligibility Guidelines

Only individuals (not institutions) may be nominated for the award.
Candidates must have demonstrated innovation and initiative in their role--for example, in relation to technology or to Ex Libris products.
A candidate may be nominated for an innovation that took place, at least in part, during the two years preceding the date of nomination.
Only institutions (not individuals) may submit a nomination.
An institution may submit only one nomination per year.
To submit a nomination, an institution must use at least one Ex Libris product.

Key Dates

Note: All announcements related to the award are made via IGeLU and ELUNA communications channels, the Ex Libris website, and social media channels.
Nominations are to be submitted between January 1 and May 31 each year.
The award committee reviews the nominations and arrives at its decision in July and August.
The winner is announced at the annual IGeLU conference, which usually occurs in September.
If appropriate, the winner is invited to present the innovation at the IGeLU conference or another user meeting.

Nomination Process

Institutions should submit their nomination by email to The nomination should contain the following information:
The candidate’s name, email address, and institution
 A description of the candidate’s innovation
 The name of the institution that is submitting the nomination
 The name and email address of the contact person at the nominating institutio
Candidates must comply with the policies of their employer regarding their eligibility to participate in competitions and awards. Ex Libris may disqualify nominees whose candidacy is held to be in violation of the policies of their employer. Ex Libris disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for disputes arising between an employee and his or her employer related to this matter.

Award Committee

An award committee consisting of representatives of the major user groups and Ex Libris is responsible for reviewing the submissions and judging each innovation’s originality and impact on the relevant users. On the basis of those criteria, the award committee selects the recipient of the award.
If the committee cannot reach a consensus on the selection of a winner, the IGeLU chair and ELUNA chair will serve as adjudicators.
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