Weeding in Academic and Public Libraries

活動日期: 2019/02/12~2019/02/13
報名日期: -0001/11/30~-0001/11/29
活動地點: 線上
活動網址: 點擊連結
主辦單位: ALCTS
  • The e-Forum provides an opportunity for librarians and library science students to discuss issues and procedures related to deselection of print books in academic and public libraries. The first day of the forum will focus on topics most relevant to academic libraries, including: techniques for handling large weeding projects; controversies between data-driven deselection versus disciplinary qualitative approaches; communication and inclusion of faculty and other users during the process; shared decision-making within the library; techniques for sustainability; e-book and interlibrary loan implications; and weeding as a continuing maintenance process.

    Day two of the e-Forum will focus on topics most relevant to public libraries. We will discuss topics like the benefits and methods of weeding, how to measure a collection’s quality, and the life cycle of a collection. We will also talk about how to make any weeding project a public relations dream through communication, transparency, and timing. Get the staff and patrons on board, be clear with your weeding plan, and set a pace that allows for careful decision making. Finally, we will talk about how to dispose of weeded materials properly and respectfully. No one wants their library in the headlines for a weeding fiasco, so learn how to weed smart.

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