Computers in Libraries 2014

活動日期: 2014/04/07~2014/04/09
報名日期: 2014/01/01~2014/04/08
活動地點: Washington DC, USA.
活動網址: 點擊連結
主辦單位: Information Today, Inc
  • We are pleased to present the 29th annual Computers in Libraries—the most comprehensive North American conference and exhibition on all aspects of library and information delivery technology. Although the tools and technology available to libraries and information services have changed over the years, the excellent quality and range of both topics and speakers at Computers in Libraries 2014 remain the same.
    Hacking and hackathons are perhaps better known in the geek community, but Computers in Libraries 2014 is taking a page from their book and looking to hack, or change, in our case, our ideas, strategies, and practices in using technology and other methods to engage our communities. Libraries are changing—building creative spaces with learning commons and makerspaces; engaging audiences in different ways with community managers and embedded librarians; advocating for learning and literacy in new and exciting ways. Join us for insights, ideas, and strategies to apply in your library or community!
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