Managing Digital Objects: Analysis, Discovery and Retrieval

Managing Digital Objects: Analysis, Discovery and Retrieval
作者:Allen Foster and Pauline Rafferty
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This book explores the analysis and interpretation, discovery and retrieval of a variety of non-textual objects, including image, music, and moving image. Bringing together chapters written by leading experts in the field, this book provides an overview of the theoretical and academic aspects of digital cultural documentation and the state of the art. Case studies of digitization projects drawn from practitioners within libraries and information organizations showcase both technical and more strategic issues relating to cultural heritage projects, digital asset management and sustainability. Key topics covered include:
Semiotics of digital cultural objects: images, music and film
Digital cultural object retrieval: semantic and emotional indexing
Semantic Web, FRBR, intertextuality and cultural objects
Photo retrieval on the web: Flickr, Facebook and other social networking sites 
Classical music retrieval on the web
Indie music retrieval on the web: Spotify, social tagging, recommender sites 
Film retrieval on the web: YouTube, social tagging and sharing, IMDb, indexing, controlled vocabulary
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