Cataloguing and Decision-making in a Hybrid Environment

Cataloguing and Decision-making in a Hybrid Environment
作者:Anne Welsh
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TAG: 英國 RDA 記述編目



As the transition to RDA: Resource Description and Access changes the international cataloging landscape, readers need practical guidance to  operate successfully in a world of hybrid catalogues, where records created under different standards coexist. This highly practical guide draws out the flexibility offered by RDA and the scope for cataloger judgment in balancing flexibility with consistency of entry. Welsh leads the reader through the decision-making process, showing how the skills and judgments familiar from AACR2 can be applied to RDA. This book slices into RDA to answer questions such as:
What are the increased decision-making powers of the cataloger based on RDA?
What support is available in making decisions?
How can libraries integrate new RDA records within their catalogs and cataloging practices?
What steps can catalogers take to increase their decision-making skills and confidence, and what can employers do to support their staff?
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