Describing Electronic, Digital, & Other Media Using AACR2 and RDA

Describing Electronic, Digital, & Other Media Using AACR2 and RDA
作者:Mary Beth Weber and Fay Angela Austin
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Authors Mary Beth Weber and Fay Austin address RDA, the latest hot new trend in cataloging, along with traditional examples of cataloging like MARC, MODS, and Dublin Core. Streaming video, Internet sites, dual-disc DVDs, blogs and listservs are just some of the rapidly emerging, and often complicated, new resources covered in this current, easy-to-follow manual. Weber and Austin dedicate separate chapters to each non-print and e-resource format, and include corresponding examples to help demonstrate practical implementation of these critical new skills. 
A companion CD-ROM, designed for catalogers to use in creating descriptive records, provides guidance on how to formulate core-level descriptions for the seven media types discussed in the book; live links to online sources for additional information; and templates for creating descriptive records using MARC, MODS, and Dublin Core.
Practical and user-friendly, this essential guide to 21st century cataloging will teach you to organize your constantly expanding collection.
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