Using Massive Digital Libraries: A LITA Guide

Using Massive Digital Libraries: A LITA Guide
作者:Andrew Weiss
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Some have viewed the ascendance of the digital library as some kind of existential apocalypse, nothing less than the beginning of the end for the traditional library. But Weiss, recognizing the concept of the library as a "big idea" that has been implemented in many ways over thousands of years, is not so gloomy. In this thought-provoking and unabashedly optimistic book, he explores how massive digital libraries are already adapting to society's needs, and looks ahead to the massive digital libraries of tomorrow, covering
The author's criteria for defining massive digital libraries
A history of Google Books and the Very Large Digital Library, with a refresher on the initial protests of the scholarly communication community
Practices of massive digital libraries, and how traditional libraries are evolving to integrate their presence
A comparison of the collection development approaches of Google Books and HathiTrust
Library applications, such as MDL for research in digital humanities, catalog integration through the Google Book API, Culturenomics, and the Google Ngram viewer
Case studies of library projects with Google Books, with analysis of aspects such as legibility of scans, metadata accuracy, culture, and diversity
Providing a solid grounding on the concept of massive digital libraries, and their strengths and weaknesses as digital information tools, this book will help librarians understand how they function and what we can expect in the future.


Part 1 - Background
1 A Brief History of Digital Libraries-or, How Did We Get Here?
2 Massive Digital Libraries-or, Where Are We?
3 Major Party Players and Their Characteristics-or, Who's at the Party?
4 Impact on Librarianship-or, How Do I Deal with This?
Part 2 - The Philosophical Issues
5 The Copyright Conundrum-or, How Is This Allowed?
6 Collection Development-or, How Did I Get This?
7 Collection Diversity-or, Why Is This Missing?
8 Access-or, Why Can't I Get This?
Part 3 - Practical Applications
9 Using MDLs in Libraries-or, To What End?
10 Four MDL Studies
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