Developing Collections to Empower Learners

Developing Collections to Empower Learners
作者:Sue C. Kimmel
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Developing Collections to Empower Learners examines collection development in the context of today’s shifts toward digital resources while emphasizing the foundational beliefs of the school library profession. Writer Sue Kimmel includes practical advice about needs assessment, planning, selection, acquisitions, evaluation, and continuous improvement for collections to support 21st-century standards. Questions are raised about shifting roles of the school librarian and the place of the school library. What should school libraries collect and how can we support the creation and dissemination of knowledge in our communities? Particular emphasis is given to questions about access, equity, and learning in order to ensure that all students will be effective consumers and producers of information and ideas heading into the 22nd-century.


Chapter 1. Knowing Your Customers
Chapter 2. Assessing and Approaching Power Brokers 
Chapter 3. Building Strong Partnerships 
Chapter 4. Consensus through Managing Complexity 
Chapter 5. Confidence 
Chapter 6. Coaching 
Chapter 7. Humor 
Chapter 8. Authenticity 
Chapter 9. Preparedness 
Works Cited 
Appendix A. Further Reading 
Appendix B. Checklist for a Written Collection Development Plan
Appendix C. Recommended Selection Aids 
Appendix D: Publications from AASL
Appendix E: AASL Position Statement on Quantitative Standards
Appendix F: Extended Mission Statement from Empowering Learners
Appendix G: Learning4Life
Appendix H: Index
Appendix I: Tables and Figures
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