No Shelf Required 2: Use and Management of Electronic Books

No Shelf Required 2: Use and Management of Electronic Books
作者:Sue Polanka
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With their explosive sales and widespread availability over the past few years, e-books have definitively proven that they’re here to stay. In this sequel to her best-selling book of the same title, expert Polanka dives even deeper into the world of digital distribution. Contributors from across the e-book world offer their perspectives on what’s happening now and what to expect in the coming months and years. Included in this invaluable resource are
Guidelines for performing traditional library processes such as cataloging, weeding, archiving, and managing e-book accessibility for patrons with special needs
Explorations of topics such as the e-book digital divide and open-access publishing
Case studies from an array of academic, public, and school libraries, offering firsthand accounts of what works, what doesn’t, and why
Discussions of the emerging model of the electronic-only library and the rich possibilities of enhanced e-books
All librarians will want to familiarize themselves with the wealth of advice in this volume on best practices for use and management of e-books.


1 Going Digital but Not Bookless
Physical, Digital Library Spaces
Amelia Brunskill
2 Do E-books Bridge the Digital Divide?
Sarah E. Twill
3 Accessibility Issues in E-books and E-book Readers
Ken Petri
4 Making Sense of Change
E-books, Access, and the Academic Library
Lisa Carlucci Thomas
5 E-book Preservation
Business and Content Challenges
Amy Kirchhoff
6 Weeding E-books
Alice Crosetto
7 What Is RDA, and Why Should E-book Managers Care?
Steve Kelley
8 Enhanced E-books
How Books Are Coming Alive in the Digital Environment
Sylvia K. Miller
9 E-book Sea Change in Public Libraries
Lending, Devices, Training, and Budgets
Michael Porter, Matt Weaver, and Bobbi Newman
Spotlight: HarperCollins, OverDrive, and the ALA
Reactions to Limits on E-book Access
Michael Porter
10 Libraries as Zones for Content Creation
Indie Publishing, and Print on Demand
Thomas A. Peters
11 Getting Control, Staying Relevant
How Libraries Can Push the E-book Envelope to Their Advantage
Joseph Sanchez
12 The iPad Loaner Program at Oberlin College Library
Jessica Grim and Allison Gallaher
13 Leading and Learning
Technology and E-book Adoption in School Libraries
Carolyn Foote
14 E-reader Adoption in the School Library Media Center
A Journey of Collaboration and Discovery
Jennifer LaGarde and Christine James
15 Give Them Something to Talk About: The Kindle Pilot Program at the Unquiet Library
Buffy Hamilton
16 Using E-books with Reluctant Readers
Kathy Parker
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