E-books in Libraries: A Practical Guide

E-books in Libraries: A Practical Guide
作者:Kate Price and Virginia Havergal
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Despite the fact that e-books have been in existence for decades in various guises and added to library collections for several years now, there has been a noticeable lack of published manuals on the subject. This is doubtless owing to the rapidly evolving nature of the market. There is now a plethora of different types of digital object that may be termed ‘e-books’ and a bewildering number of business and access models to match. This timely book, the first of its kind to provide a practical appraisal of e-books, is divided into five parts:
* where do e-books come from?
* planning and developing your e-book collection
* delivering e-books to readers: the practicalities
* engaging readers with e-books: hearts and minds
* the future of e-books.
It is essential background reading for librarians wishing to develop an e-book collection from scratch or for those responsible for maintaining an existing e-book collection.
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