Efron, Miles

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  • Search User Interfaces - By Marti A. Hearst. Interactive Information Seeking, Behaviour and RetrievaFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2012 期刊卷期:63 (12)
    論文著者 :Efron, Miles 期刊起始/結束頁:2555/2556
    期刊名稱:Journal of the American Society for Information Sc  
    Query expansion and dimensionality reduction: Notions of optimality in Rocchio relevance feedback anFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2008 期刊卷期:44 (1)
    論文著者 :Efron, Miles 期刊起始/結束頁:163/180
    期刊名稱:Information Processing & Management  
    Metadata Use in OAI-Compliant Institutional Repositories. Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:2007 期刊卷期:8 (2)
    論文著者 :Efron, Miles 期刊起始/結束頁:6/6
    期刊名稱:JODI: Journal of Digital Information