Durrance, Joan

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  • Overcoming the information gap: Measuring the accessibility of library databases to adaptive technolFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2010 期刊卷期:28 (4)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan;Tatomir, Jennifer 期刊起始/結束頁:577/594
    期刊名稱:Library Hi Tech  
    Community problem-solving framed as a distributed information use environment: bridging research andFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2006 期刊卷期:11 (4)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan;Souden, Maria;Walker, Dana 期刊起始/結束頁:4/4
    期刊名稱:Information Research  
    Something old, something new: preliminary findings from an exploratory study about peoples informatiFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2005 期刊卷期:10 (2)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan;Fisher, Karen;Naumer, Charles 期刊起始/結束頁:1/1
    期刊名稱:Information Research  
    Toward Developing Measures of the Impact of Library and Information Services.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:2002 期刊卷期:42 (1)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan;Fisher-Pettigrew, Karen E 期刊起始/結束頁:43/43
    期刊名稱:Reference & User Services Quarterly  
    Kaliper.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:2001 期刊卷期:42 (3)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan;Pettigrew, Karen E 期刊起始/結束頁:170/170
    期刊名稱:Journal of Education for Library & Information Sci  
    Factors That Influence Reference Success: What Makes Questioners Willing to Return?Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:1995 期刊卷期:23 (49/50)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan 期刊起始/結束頁:243/265
    期刊名稱:Reference Librarian  
    Factors that influence reference success: What makes questioners willing to return?Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:1995 期刊卷期: (49/50)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan 期刊起始/結束頁:243/243
    期刊名稱:Reference Librarian  
    Providing support for job seekers and career changers.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:1995 期刊卷期:33 (3)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan;Oserman, Steve 期刊起始/結束頁:322/322
    Raising expectations--Our users and our own.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:1993 期刊卷期:18 (5)
    論文著者 :Durrance, Joan 期刊起始/結束頁:283/283
    期刊名稱:Journal of Academic Librarianship