Edwards, Paul

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  • The possibilities and limits of telework in a bureaucratic environment: lessons from the public sectFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2007 期刊卷期:22 (3)
    論文著者 :Edwards, Paul;Taskin, Laurent 期刊起始/結束頁:195/207
    期刊名稱:New Technology, Work & Employment  
    Understanding Infrastructure: History, Heuristics, and Cyberinfrastructure Policy.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:2007 期刊卷期:12 (6)
    論文著者 :Edwards, Paul;Bowker, Geoffrey C;Jackson, Steven J 期刊起始/結束頁:24/24
    期刊名稱:First Monday  
    Library Service In A Retirement Paradise: Can Rural Libraries And Retirees Form A Symbiotic RelationFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2007 期刊卷期:10 (1)
    論文著者 :Edwards, Paul 期刊起始/結束頁:33/48
    期刊名稱:Bookmobile & Outreach Services