Feinberg, Melanie

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  • Synthetic Ethos: The Believability of Collections at the Intersection of Classification and CurationFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2012 期刊卷期:28 (5)
    論文著者 :Feinberg, Melanie 期刊起始/結束頁:329/339
    期刊名稱:Information Society  
    How information systems communicate as documents: the concept of authorial voice.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:2011 期刊卷期:67 (6)
    論文著者 :Feinberg, Melanie 期刊起始/結束頁:1015/1037
    期刊名稱:Journal of Documentation  
    Expressive Bibliography: Personal Collections in Public Space.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:2011 期刊卷期:38 (2)
    論文著者 :Feinberg, Melanie 期刊起始/結束頁:123/134
    期刊名稱:Knowledge Organization  
    Personal Expressive Bibliography in the Public Space of Cultural Heritage Institutions.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:2011 期刊卷期:59 (4)
    論文著者 :Feinberg, Melanie 期刊起始/結束頁:588/606
    期刊名稱:Library Trends  
    Two kinds of evidence: how information systems form rhetorical arguments.Find it @ IFII
    出版日期:2010 期刊卷期:66 (4)
    論文著者 :Feinberg, Melanie 期刊起始/結束頁:491/512
    期刊名稱:Journal of Documentation  
    Hidden bias to responsible bias: an approach to information systems based on Haraways situated knowlFind it @ IFII
    出版日期:2007 期刊卷期:12 ()
    論文著者 :Feinberg, Melanie 期刊起始/結束頁:1/13
    期刊名稱:Information Research